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Based On Dermatology

Our products are dermatologically tested and clinically tested to ensure the efficacy of our products.

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China’s leading sensitive skincare brand Winona was present for the opening of the World Congress of Dermatology (WCD) in Milan. The WCD represents the highest academic level of worldwide dermatology.

Shares in skincare provider Yunnan Botanee Bio-Technology Group closed at 175.97 yuan on Friday compared with an IPO price of 47.43 at the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Thursday.  

The company has been published in over 100 journals, both domestic and international publications. In China, there are around 8,000 hospitals that have dermatology departments and Winona has worked with over 3,000 of them, among which, it covered 80% of top three hospitals

Botanee was established in 2010, and its Winona brand (which accounts for as much as 99 percent of the group’s sales revenue) has become known as the best-selling brand for sensitive skin in China.

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