✔ At an altitude of 3,200 meters, in Shangri-La Snow Mountain, the Prinsepia utilis, which can repair the skin barrier, was discovered.

✔ At an altitude of about 3100 meters in the valley, we found the unique medicinal plant Rhizoma Paridis Yunnanensis.

✔ At an altitude of about 2800 meters, the unique camellia is found on the peak of the mountain.


Prinsepia utilis comes from the Shangri-La Snow Mountain at an altitude of about 3,200 meters, with strong vitality and repair ability.

Winona's lab study shows that its extract can repair the skin barrier and keep skin healthy.


Portulaca oleracea is also known as "long life amaranth". Also, it is an edible vegetable.

Winona's Lab use patented technology to extract the active ingredient of portulaca oleracea, which is proven to be able to effectively relieve and enhance skin tolerance by experimental data.


As one of the most precious flowers, Yunnan Camellia grows at an altitude of about 2800 meters on the mountains.

Winona's Lab tried to maximize the beauty effects of its flowers and seeds with five-year-long research.


It has important medicinal value.

Winona's Lab found that its extract is able to correct skin and visibly reduce the appearance of blemishes.

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