A super sunscreen comparable to essence——Winona Sunblock Milk

For sunscreen, sun protection is undoubtedly the most core function, but beyond that, is it enough for sunscreen to meet only the needs of sun protection? How to choose a sunscreen that can repair the skin barrier in addition to sun protection? 
Winona Aqua-Shield Sunblock Milk is formulated with an exclusive formula that gives the user an unparalleled experience.

1. Light and non-sticky

Although sunblock is used throughout the year, there is no doubt that the need for sunblock is greatest in summer. Winona Aqua-Shield Sunblock Milk is a lightweight product that can be used as a pre-makeup base for those who need to apply makeup, making the subsequent makeup look more comfortable and hydrating. For people who are vegetarian, the product feels very light when applied, so that the skin care products applied early in the morning are isolated from UV rays, allowing better absorption of skin care products.

2. powerful after-sun repair ability

Winona Aqua-Shield Sunblock Milk can help repair skin that is already slightly damaged. winona is a skin care brand with a professional research institute that focuses on functionality as well as healing and repairing. Simply apply a light layer of Winona Aqua-Shield Sunblock Milk 30 minutes before going out to protect against UV rays and repair the skin barrier that UV rays have damaged. Don't just think of it as a sunscreen, it's your skin repair assistant!

3. Long-lasting and powerful sun protection

Do you have an experience in your life? After applying sunscreen, the sunscreen starts to peel and patch up after a few hours, which not only loses the sun protection effect, but also ruins the makeup. However, Winona Aqua-Shield Sunblock Milk is formulated with an exclusive formula that has long-lasting and powerful sun protection, ensuring that it isolates UV rays and prevents sunburn while extending the effective stay of the product on the face. With Winona Aqua-Shield Sunblock Milk, there is no need to replenish sunscreen on your face multiple times, one application provides long-lasting sun protection. This improves the efficiency of the product and is also a disguised way to improve the cost-effectiveness of the product.

4. Developed specifically for sensitive skin, organic and non-irritating

Many sunscreen products focus only on the sunscreen itself, and ignore the differences between different skin types. Products that are friendly to dry skin may not be suitable for oily skin, and products that are suitable for oily skin may make sensitive skin allergic... Winona Aqua-Shield Sunblock Milk, developed for sensitive skin, is also suitable for all skin types. No matter what your skin condition is, Winona Aqua-Shield Sunblock Milk will function perfectly and you don't have to worry about causing any skin problems after using it. Not only can you use it on your own, but you can also buy it for your family members to share. Despite the presence of many skin types in the family, Winona Aqua-Shield Sunblock Milk can be used to provide the most stable and excellent sunscreen effect.

5. Natural and safe materials, no need to remove

Winona Aqua-Shield Sunblock Milk is made with organic and natural ingredients from rare plants grown in our own plantation, and is alcohol-free, fragrance-free, colour-free, and non-allergenic...so it can be removed with water after use, without the need for makeup remover. Don't think of Winona Aqua-Shield Sunblock Milk as a functional cosmetic, think of it as the last maintenance product in your skin care routine, whether it stays on your skin or not, it will not do any harm to your skin.