The beauty passwords for sensitive skin——Winona Anti-Sensitive Moisturizing Tolerance-Extreme Cream

In the complicated skincare market, Winona, a skincare brand focusing on sensitive skin, is committed to combining the best exclusive raw materials and the best R&D technology to create a streamlined and safe ingredient formula to gently repair the sensitivity of various skin types.


1. Exceptional Medical Background

First of all, how to define sensitive skin? The defining characteristics of sensitive skin may be similar - redness, discomfort and inflammation - but the causes behind these symptoms can be very different. It is important to identify the triggering causes of your individual sensitive skin before you can prescribe the right remedy. Sensitive skin is not really a purely definable entity, as it has a wide range of potential causes and requires recourse to a variety of different treatment modalities.
Often, determining the root cause of skin sensitivity may require a diagnosis from a dermatologist, and the Winona R&D team has a distinguished medical background in dermatology where it is sold as an over-the-counter skin anti-sensitizer. Therefore, Winona Anti-Sensitive Moisturizing Tolerance-Extreme Cream is not simply a skin care product, but a "medicinal product" that combines herbs and skin care.

2. Exclusive natural ingredients

What causes skin sensitivity? The increasing complexity of multiple skin care routines is one of the causes of skin instability. Skin care is not an absolute science, individual skin types are different, and it is not a matter of stacking multiple powerful ingredients to achieve superior results. In the Anti-Sensitive Moisturizing Tolerance-Extreme Cream, Winona uses an exclusive natural Prinsepia utilis Royle, collected from the snow-capped mountains of Shangri-La at an altitude of 3,200 meters. What's more, all the Prinsepia utilis Royle used in the products are grown in Winona's own base, which is cultivated under very harsh conditions, which just proves the importance and professionalism of Winona's raw materials. While ensuring that the raw materials are natural and organic, the ingredients of the Anti-Sensitive Moisturizing Tolerance-Extreme Cream are formulated to be exceptionally streamlined and safe, effectively repairing the skin barrier and relieving the irritation caused to the skin in daily life.


3. Variety of application methods

Many skincare products have many restrictions on use, such as differentiating between morning use, evening use, use before makeup, or not use before makeup... For Anti-Sensitive Moisturizing Tolerance-Extreme Cream, there are no restrictions on use and it can be taken at any time. It can be used in the morning before makeup to ensure the stability of the skin throughout the day and add to the subsequent makeup application effect; in the evening after removing makeup, you can apply a layer of Anti-Sensitive Moisturizing Tolerance-Extreme Cream to relieve the skin of the day's exertion and stimulation, accelerate the repair of the skin during sleep time, and improve the skin's tolerance.
Especially worth mentioning is that Winona Anti-Sensitive Moisturizing Tolerance-Extreme Cream is a good partner for post-surgical repair, which can help the recovery effect of plastic surgery with half the effort and let the user become beautiful naturally. For people with sensitive skin who suffer from redness, acne and pimples, Winona Anti-Sensitive Moisturizing Tolerance-Extreme Cream is a perfect choice.